"Danish Christmas", "Blokhus", "Danish beach", "snow beach"

Look at all that snow and frost. Christmas 2010 - Blokhus.

Who starts the new year blogging about Christmas? Well, I do…as I had a mission this Christmas 2011 – To look more deep into my Scottish December and my Danish Christmas traditions. Being a Dane living in Scotland I am blown away by the different Christmas traditions, for example like my pagan neighbour who celebrate winter solstice or the fact that many Scots celebrate Christmas dinner on a restaurant the 24th followed by opening presents the 25th and then boxing day. Most Danes celebrate Christmas eve the 24th of December, followed by Christmas lunch with relatives and plenty of walks (well, in Martin‘s and my family anyway).

"Denmark", "Feet shoot in Denmark", "Jeanne Rosendal & Maria Rosendal"

My sister & I - Christmas "hygge" with my family

"Dansk natur", "Denmark",

A December walk before coffee and goodies - Jutland

"Danish cows", "Denmark", "Dansk natur"

Muuuuhhhh the Danish cows say. Think they are happy that most Danes eat duck for Christmas

"Danish Christmas traditions","Æbleskive & glogg", "hygge"

Danish traditions - Æbleskiver & gløgg...Or Pancake Balls & mulled wine

So where did I spend Christmas? In Denmark…yep, Christmas is about being together with family and when they are all in Denmark, you gladly jump on a plain to see them.

This year was a bit special as it was my first Christmas celebrated with Martin’s family near Silkeborg in Jutland, being my third Christmas together with Martin. So when I first arrived at Denmark I spend some days with my family and getting the holiday spirit with æbelskiver and gløgg.

Martin and my first Christmas was when we lived in Australia and where on a road trip in the Kimberly. We ended up the 24th of December in Fitzroy Crossing almost alone on a camping ground drinking champagne, accompanied by thousands of tiny ants (they where all over in our Camper-van Jeep for days). Brilliant. The second was last year with my family in beautiful Blokhus, with snow all December, so we got some special shots while enjoying being with my family near the sea (see first image).

This December has been extremely mild both in Scotland and in Denmark, accompanied by heavy gales and grey skies in both countries. Gladly we where indoors in front of the fireplace, went on long walks and Martin’s mum was teaching Martin new tricks in the kitchen (while I was documenting it for this post).

"Danish Risengrød","Dansih rice pudding"

Risengrød - maybe like rice pudding..?

"juleøl", "Danish Christmas"


"Baking", "Danish homemade bread"

The big Danish Christmas bake off ;)

"Danish Rødkål". "red cabbage", "Danish Christmas dinner"

Rødkål: red cabbage a side dish for the Christmas dinner, Martin and his mum in the kitchen

"Flæskesteg", "Danish pork belly", "Christmas lunch"

Flæskesteg - A lener version of pork belly. Christmas lunch.

"Danish rødkål", "Danish Christmas"

Finished rødkål served hot

"Christmas", "Jul"

Martin, Jesper & me decorating the tree

"Danish Christmas ornaments"

Christmas ornaments

“Georg jensen julestjerne”, "Danisk Christmas", "Dansk jul"

The star for the Christmas tree

"Klegner", "Danish Christmas cookie",

Klegner - A Danish Christmas cookie homemade by Martins mum. Yum

"Danish Christmas", "Dansk jul"

My father in law putting real candles on the 24th in the morning

"Miniature VW campervan", "VW camper", "Christmas"

No Christmas without the little camper!

"Danish Christmas traditions", "Danish Christmas dinner", "brune kartoffler"

Brown sweet potatos - side dish for the duck

"Danish Christmas dinner", "Dansk julemiddag"

Danish Christmas dinner - duck, filled apples, gravy and potatoes

"Danish Risalamande", "Danish Christmas traditions", "Jul"

Dessert Risalamande - who gets the almond? Martin did

"Hald sø", "jul", "Danish Christmas", "Naturalista boots"

More walks around Hald sø

"Danish Christmas lunch"

Christmas lunch the 25th

"pasta sauce", "Danish Christmas"

There comes a time every Christmas holiday where you just need spice and garlic! - My dad's famous speciality meat sauce. Yum.

The Christmas of 2011 was so cosy and I was taken great care off by Martins parents with glorious food and laughter supplied by Jesper (Martin’s big brother) and Martin. Happy holidays it sure was, followed by New Year’s in Blokhus with my family at Strandingskroen (my favourite Danish INN).

"Danish Christmas"

Martins mum and me (in Martins new pyjamas)

"Danish Christmas tree", "Danish Christmas", "juletræ"

The Christmas tree in all its glory - we walk around it and sing songs afterwards presents!

Here are some Danish Christmas carols that we sing walking around the Christmas tree (and you can hear them on this link to!)

How did you spend Christmas? Any special traditions?

Have a great weekend


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